Kind Words From Patients:

“I have been working with Laurie since 2005. She has an insightful ability to blend gifts that guide me to my own awareness and focus. Laurie’s methods have helped me clear an astonishing amount of dis-ease. This work will show you where Spirit and Medicine meet. It’s magical. “ C.R.

“Laurie Marum has helped me stay healthy for years. After two falls, plus the general aging process, including arthritis, I had difficulty walking and standing. Two sessions ago Laurie told me about Traumeel. She gave me two treatments and my constant pain when walking and standing decreased significantly. I intend to continue with the treatments” M.P.

“Laurie is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is very gentle with the needles and has a keen sense in helping you to target whatever issue is going on in your body. I particularly appreciate her knowledge around dealing with anxiety and how that affects the organs. Not only is she very talented in her field of acupuncture but you feel cleared on all levels i.e. spiritual, emotional, mental and physical when you leave her office. I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone looking for healing.” L.S.

“Upon first working with Laurie I was burdened with many illnesses: crohn’s, fibromyalgia, juvenile arthritis, ms…After working with Laurie she was able to guide me to a place of wellness, enabling me to lift blocks that were standing in my. Today I am whole and free of disease. I am now able to help guide others on their way—as she did for me.
Laurie’s work was ,to say the least, Life changing!” 

“Laurie Marum has been a friend & health care provider to me and my family for several years. Her acupuncture & energy work have been very helpful with Fibromyalgia, Pain, Stress, Physical Injury. Her professionalism is enhanced by her positive and caring disposition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work to anyone.” A.L.

“I started working with Laurie after a biliary duct attack that put me in the ER. She reasoned that my liver was the underlying cause. This made sense as I have had abnormal liver counts all my life and the doctors just chalked it up to some non-specific genetic abnormality. Laurie started addressing this with acupuncture, energy work and some herbal supplements. The attacks grew fewer and far less intense as we progressed and finally disappeared. A year after we started I got a physical and my liver counts were normal for the first time in 40 years of getting them. Two years later they remain normal and there hasn’t been an attack in over a year and a half. I’m impressed!” T.J.

“Laurie Marum is an outstanding practitioner with high integrity and great insights. She has a great sense of humor, and delivers health suggestions with kindness and understandable detail. I am incredibly thankful for the work she has done with me. Because of my previous experience of her work, she was the first person I went to after a rear end auto accident. Laurie provided me with tools to continue my journey of healing and health. I have highly recommended her to my friends and their feedback to me is that they share my experience.” L.R.

“Laurie’s restorative gifts extend way beyond her accurate and gentle stimulation of acupuncture points. With her additional skills in Reiki energy healing and the intuitive arts, her treatments reached the true depth of my dis-ease and brought soothing relief on so many levels. I had mixed feelings when I was pronounced ‘cured’ – she’d done her job so well I no longer needed treatments. Darn!”
“Compassion, intelligence, humor and skill are brought together in Laurie’s restorative treatments, which combine her vast knowledge of several healing disciplines. Her expertise in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicinal treatments is enhanced by her amazing grasp in the field of energy work—she’s truly a one-stop shop for what ails you. I crawled into Laurie’s office and came out dancing!”
“I had never tried acupuncture before, but Laurie’s gentle and knowing way made the sessions so relaxing. Her intuitive grasp of those areas needing attention was spot on —this ability sets her way above the rest! I would recommend her to anyone who truly wants to be healed!” 

“Laurie is an amazing healer/acupuncturist. I go in feeling all out of balance and within a short period of time I am feeling great and am up and going again. I recommend Laurie for anyone who is not on top of their game or has experienced pain, low energy, allergies, asthma or any other dis-ease in the body.
Laurie is an expert in her field, gentle, powerful, calming.” 

“Laurie is a consummate professional who does her work in a very gentle and compassionate manner. She has been enormously helpful to me! I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking a healing experience.” V.Z

“Laurie is a skilled health services provider and a great person all around. The artful Cranial Sacral treatment that Laurie provided to me was a blessing and relieved the pain and discomfort I’d been experiencing due to an accident. I highly recommend Laurie for her skill at what she does.” P.G.

“Laurie Marum is a great practitioner! I went to her for numerous problems I was having physically and she helped me a great deal. I would recommend anyone who wants a non-invasive solution for back pain to try her. She is kind and caring and really listens.” A.G.F

“Laurie has been treating me for at least 8 years. In the beginning she worked with me on gaining a healthier life style and to decrease my general high stress and edema. After a few years I was able to take a break from acupuncture but recently I’ve returned. Laurie is working on my lungs, asthma, edema and a painful foot. Her treatment has been very helpful. Laurie is not only a fine acupuncturist and energy therapist but she attends to all aspects of your health needs. She has helped me as much as any counselor. I am grateful for Laurie’s outstanding skills and compassion toward her patients. She is a jewel.” M.P.

“When everything was providing limited results, Laurie came through!!! Her technical skills, warm personality and knowledge of so many practices proved to be 100% beneficial.” N.C.N.

“When everything was providing limited results, Laurie came through!!! Her technical skills, warm personality and knowledge of so many practices proved to be 100% beneficial.” N.C.N.

“I am a reluctant person when it comes to going to a health care professional and not very good at taking care of myself. Laurie Marum really helped me. She is easy to talk to, gives wonderful helpful hints, and has a great sense of humor. I know I was a challenge, but she was very patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable. My overall health improved and continues to improve. I highly recommend her.” D.R.

“I’ve known Laurie for many years, which translate to many hours lying face down; face up or on a side. Regardless of the pain associated with getting INTO those positions, Laurie always made it easier for me to get OUT of those positions. Ironically, I could never figure-out why she needed to check my tongue before using my body as a pin cushion — but suffice to say, whatever her reason, her acupuncture and Reiki skills always corrected and eliminated my pain.” N.C.N.