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Hands on attention to balance, relieve and restore

Courses in Meditation & Energetic Healing — Reiki

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Acupuncture that is Gentle and Skilled

Acupuncture works with the body’s own energy and biological systems to restore balance and health


Treatment and Classes

Teaching all Reiki Healing Certification levels

Qi Gong

A Powerfull Energy Medicine Technique

A complementary treatment method that combined with acupuncture results in outstanding healing


Meditation & Energetic Healing

All four Reiki classes through Mastery

Kind words from patients:

“When everything was providing limited results, Laurie came through!!! Her technical skills, warm personality and knowledge of so many practices proved to be 100% beneficial.” N.C.N.

“Laurie Marum is a great practitioner! I went to her for numerous problems I was having physically and she helped me a great deal. I would recommend anyone who wants a non-invasive solution for back pain to try her. She is kind and caring and really listens.” A.G.F

“I had never tried acupuncture before, but Laurie’s gentle and knowing way made the sessions so relaxing. Her intuitive grasp of those areas needing attention was spot on – this ability sets her way above the rest! I would recommend her to anyone who truly wants to be healed!” C.C.

The primary goal of my gentle acupuncture treatments

is to address and resolve the presenting problem and facilitate deep healing of the body.

Secondarily, I believe in helping my clients discover the mind-body-spirit connection of any dis-ease in the body if they are interested and willing to explore the root causes of illness, injury or health conditions. This holistic approach often unhooks the problem from the body and speeds recovery.

Common conditions successfully treated by Laurie:

Neck, shoulder and upper or lower back pain
Knee and all joint pain: pre and post joint replacement, ACL and MCL tear recovery
Arthritis , Muscle soreness or pain from injury or overuse
Digestive complaints
Hormonal fluctuations (menopause, menstruation difficulties)
Insomnia, anxiety and depression
Scar treatment